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My New Palm

I'm writing this from my new Palm Tungsten E2. No, I don't have a LJ client for it (yet), nor a working web browser (yet). I'm just writing this in "Memos" and am going to to copy/paste into xjournal later.

(My thoughts on the new Palm)

To understand what I mean by "new", my last Palm was a IIIx...

Graffiti 2 has it's ups and downs:

Downs first... Many of these are a lament for missing or "fixed" features from Graffiti 1. Hyjacking my command strokes is irritating (shift, punctuation, up/down/left/right). I really don't like the 2 stroke letters. My i's keep coming out as "l.". And t's as "l ". Finally, it just doesn't seem as accurate. It gives me "," instead of "j" quite often, as well as "n" or "y" for "u" and "h" for "n".

On the other hand, there are some things I like. Some commonly used punctuation are much faster, like ".,'("/-". Being able to capitalize just by writing across the center is nice. And the copy/cut/paste one-stroke shortcuts are nice.

Overall, I'm ambivilant about Graffiti 2. I think I'll be able to re-learn how to write on my Palm... I'm just not happy with it.

The 5-way Navigator is quite nice... Makes moving around text much easier. But I really want to be rid of the blue glow sometimes (Calendar). And having it navigate buttons is great, but occasionially makes it hard to scroll. After editing an event in Calendar, for example, but worst in the Graffiti 2 Help.

Bluetooth seems shiny, but I don't have anything else that has it yet. It looks nicely integrated. Maybe too much so. As I don't have anything else to connect to, it would be nice to remove it from the menus. Particularly I would like to disable the "Quick Connect" ability in "Contacts".

Oh! I finally figured out how to stop it from trying to connect: Open a contact and click on the Quick Connect button at the top (looks like a PDA with ">>" next to it). Tap on the "Settings..." button. Change "Dial" and "Web" from "Phone Dialer" and "Web" (respectively) to "-None-". Hah! No more trying to use Bluetooth for you!

The color screen is very nice. Makes keeping track of many different types of calendars (personal, work, btoblake's, gaming) much easier.

However, now I have a whole new category of electronics to try not to buy: Bluetooth. A USB adapter for my computers, a Bluetooth network access point (or maybe just the WiFi SDIO card), and a Bluetooth capable phone (then the headset, of course). Of course, my birthday is less than 2 months away... (hint, hint)

And, finally, recommendations for good (and preferably free) Palm utilities, hacks, games, etc. are welcomed.

As a side note, I can tell how badly I've missed having a Palm. I haven't been home since getting it and I already have 38 calendar, 13 todo, and 4 memo entries.
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