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Computer Busted

*sighs* Well, my laptop has been dying a slow death. First one of the corners of the screen popped open (not the LCD, just the shell around it) which meant that I had to be careful opening it. Then, the center of the screen started developing a blue bar through it, probably because of a connector working itself loose due to the broken corner. I was able to make it go away via careful manipulation of the screen until a week or so ago.

Oh yeah, and somewhere in there it started denying it had a battery. Joy.

Today I try to pull it slightly more open and.... Crack! About half of the bottom edge of the screen casing popped open. Now, I can't open the screen any more than it currently is... The screen wobbles back and forth and any attempts to push it back because one of the supports pops out of the case. I can close it (carefully) but I can't open it. Currently it's performing a backup to an external USB drive I picked up a while ago so that I can send it to Apple without worrying about losing any data. (And delete things like my Quicken files so that nobody can get at financial data. Paranoid? Me? Nawh.)

I'll be borrowing computers on and off for a while. Don't expect to see me online much. I'll post again when I have my laptop back. The most reliable way of getting in touch with me will be my Gmail account... I'll figure out how to access my other accounts without, but won't be checking them as often.

(I really want a new Powerbook... maybe not the newest ones, but at least one of the ones that have the new type of screen... where the hinges are large and an integral part of the laptop itself instead of being a 1/4" thing poking out the top. And it'd be faster too, which would be nice.)
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