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Well, I had a really long entry for this... Now I'm just jotting it down quick to replace what YaxJournal lost (check the previous entry).

Midterm today in Philosophy of Religion. It's an interesting class. I suggest anyone with any interest in combining rational thought with religion take it (if it's available at your school). But it's my last class today, and I didn't quite study enough. (Drat the three distractions of LJ, K5, and FANS.) Also I didn't get any sleep last night (reluctance to just stop and lay down, studying, and distractions). So now I have to get through 4 straight hours of class before I even get to attempt to BS my way through an essay question in Philosophy.

Great. Just great.

And it's nice to know I'm talking into a void, since nobody knows I have a LiveJournal yet. If you actually read this for any reason, leave a comment, huh?
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