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Hermetic Update

So, here's an update on the shiny!

I've got most of my data and programs moved over. It was a mostly painless progress. Copy the right files into the right place and everything works again. Of course, it took a bit of working to find the right files sometimes. Eh. Minor details.

Missing Sync 5.0 for PalmOS rocks my world. Finally, I can sync my Palm with iCal and Address Book and keep things like Birthdays, Categories, and AIM names in sync. Soooooooooo much better than Palm Desktop. It syncs everything, even music and photos, and doesn't try to force me to use a new set of PIM programs. And it syncs to iLife better than Apple's iSync conduit. Heh.

WoW is eating my soul! Finally got Garanth, my Dwarven, Hunter up to level 18, so I can play him with my roommies. And I've started a Night Elf Druid (Snowellian) to solo/run around with my wife. Both characters are on Durotan. And it runs pretty smooth on my laptop, which is sweet.

One thing I need is a USB keyboard/keypad. Laptops are nice for working, but really really aren't made for gaming. I remembered something one of my old co-workers bought to play FFXI with and they came out with a new one. Mmmmm.... Belkin makes such sweet stuff. It's the Nostromo SpeedPad N52, and it would absolutely rawk for gaming with. If someone out there didn't help get my laptop and is looking for a gift for me, this would be it at the moment. (Although I bet my roommates or parents wouldn't mind someone helping to defray a little more of the laptop cost.)

(I did update my Wish List, BTW.)

So, to sum it all up:

(I'd be a little more specific, but I haven't gotten a list of people who helped. Hopefully I'll get one around X-Mas time so that I can write thank you cards. (I know I'm bad at writing them, but this really is major enough that I'm going to make more of an effort.))
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