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New Long Game(s)?

I'm planning something a little odd, I think...

I'm going to start a new game. Well, really I'm reviving an old game that never got off the ground: Patterns of Chaos, my prehistory Amber game. But instead of getting a large group of people together I'm going to run it as a set of one on one games. (Not adverse to running a group, but not wanting to organize it either.) I already have one and a half characters.

Basically everyone will run around doing their own plots on the basis of "whenever we get together", with organized get-togethers for a session or two when/if PCs encounter each other. I'm open to doing this online as well, for interested parties.

I intend this to run for a long time: potentially years. Not every character may last the entire duration of the game though. Each new character simply starts in a world already altered by the older ones. It'll be generational, possibly even becoming something similar to Zelazny's Amber and a new and interesting Patternfall War...

(Character Creation Notes...)

Character creation is as per the Amber DRPG main book and Shadow Knight, with a few notes and small changes. Oh, and one big change:

No Attribute Auction: Since this is not focused as much on the group, I'm just going to do stats on a point buy system. The main motive in buying higher stats is to avoid sucking relative to all the NPCs.

Stuff, both Good and Bad: I'm placing a limit of +/- 15 points of Stuff. One or two points either way won't be much, 5 makes a big difference in your life, and 10 or more (either way) seriously mucks with your life.

Player Contributions: Maximum of five points... But I also won't expect a page of new content for each session. A paragraph or two would be fine. You can either get these points ahead of time by promising to do them or just start doing them and get the points when I do character advancement. Of course if you get the points and then stop doing them... Welcome to Bad Stuff.

Quirks: An idea I've stolen borrowed from GURPS. This is an opportunity to get a few points for developing your character. Basically you come up with a few oddities of your character and get a point for each one, up to five. Things like "Follows a code of honor" or "Detests Violence" are worth points while "Likes Blue" is not (but "Always wears blue" might be). These are not things your character is compelled to do, but things that s/he will tend to do or prefer to do.

Flaw: Another idea I've stolen borrowed from another game, this time the new World of Darkness. Basically if your character has a major failing or weakness, describe it to me. Each time I horribly screw your character with it, you'll get a point. Flaws are compulsions, unlike quirks, and I will penalize someone for attempting to violate it. "Doesn't like killing" is a quirk, but "Can't kill anyone" is a flaw. A good non-psychological flaw is having a family (specifically children)... Amberities are rarely kind to their relatives.

Misc Notes: Some things may have slightly different meanings... A Devotee doesn't guarantee a blood-relationship (especially since Amber is very small and new) but on the flip side, who says walking the Pattern actually requires being of Oberon's blood? A "Shadow of the Realm" means more that the world-shaking events of the creation of Amber (and anything else interesting that happens there) actually shake that Shadow seriously instead of a more political involvement implied by the book. And finally, while you can buy Pattern Imprint at the beginning of game, you won't actually start game with it... But I'll give it to you within a session or two.
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