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Some random stuff collected over the last few days...

(2006/3/6: Fanboy Glee, Wikipedia, Gadget)

I'm now playing in a D&D game with the artist of Darkbolt. This give me a definite fanboyish glee as I'm sure I saw some of this week's issue being drawn and inked. It's shiny.

I noticed (from some RSS feed, likely /.) an article about a possible military spaceplane. I read it and then hit Wikipedia to see if there were any other details. The article was a missing a few links, so I went to add them and decided to register. Since then I've added a few things to the Blackstar page and added Tier One to a disambiguation page. "Yay" for participation in a large project!

Wired had an article about a nifty new gadget Celestron Skyscout. Makes astronomy easy... Like having an expert in your pocket, pointing out stars and telling you interesting facts. I like it. Want one.

(2006/3/9: Great Big Sea)

Thursday I went to go see one of the very few bands that I'll sacrifice my hearing for: Great Big Sea. They're touring for their new album "The Hard & The Easy", which is an album full of Newfoundland folk songs. Pretty good, all in all. BTW, they'll be in Buffalo mid-April (IIRC) for those who care.

Found out they were going to be playing at Water Street a week before their show. Forgot to actually buy tickets for most of that week. ~.~ But btoblake and I were able to buy tickets the day of. Woo! They didn't have an opening act, so they played two sets. The first was mostly stuff from their new album, albeit with a few of the folk songs from earlier albums. (Which reminds me, I still want that other album... Out to Sea, I think. Has a great song about marriage: o/~ And if the devil take her, I'll thank him for his pains / And I'll hang meself before I get married again. o/~ ~_^ ) It's really some good stuff. I'm personally fond of "The Mermaid" and "Graceful & Charming" at the moment. Although "The River Driver" is pretty good too... And "Concerning Charlie Horse" (who apparently fell through the ice on his way to candy mountain).

Then they took a small break, during which some large drunk guy and his wife squeezed his way in front of us while I wasn't paying attention. Grrr. We managed to get a pretty good spot overall. Water Street Music Hall is what is generally called an "intimate" setting for you and 700 of your closest friends. No seating, just a large warehouse-like space with a bar down one of the long sides, a second floor (which I couldn't figure out how to get to without jumping barriers), and a stage on a short side. We were just under the edge of the balcony towards the right, which put us only 5 or 6 (jumping like crazy) rows of people between us and the stage.

The second set was "whatever we feel like playing". Some stuff I haven't heard before, but lots that I had: "Mary Mac", "The Old Black Rum", "Everything Shines", and "When I'm Up" were a decent selection. I was a bit worried when they played something that had a response section of o/~ So goodbye / FARE THEE WELL! o/~ and hadn't played "Ordinary Day" yet. It just seemed like such a good song to end on. But they didn't. ^_^ A couple songs later my favorite "dit-dit-dit dah-dah-dah dit-dit-dit" rang out from the speakers... Yeah!

They played two "encore"s as well after rousing choruses of "Great Big Se~a *clap clap clap-clap-clap*". I really wonder if they just plan for that when deciding what to do for the concert... I don't really remember what they pulled out for that, but part of it was an apparently impromptu song about Rochester talking about things like the Wheeze, WBER, and a placed called "Bagel Oh!" or "Oh! Bagel" (there was some argument with the audience about which one it was) which apparently treats them very well. As I recall that song ended with "We hope we didn't suck." Heh.

Very very good stuff overall. I'd do it again. But next time I'll bring earplugs. OMFG the LOUD! My ears felt full and there was a very very persistent ringing in my ears. Yay tinnitus! (Apple's dictionary has that tinnitus in it, but their spellcheck doesn't. Grr.) Like I said, they're one of the few bands I'd sacrifice my hearing for.

(2006/3/11: D&D, Quote, Battlestar)

Josh's game continues to be good, and have problems with dinner mid-game. Really should just bring picnic-like food to game and some mildly healthy snacks instead of ordering out and using Vendos.

"After killing that 15th mind flayer so I can take over the world, I suddenly like puppies."

Watched Battlestar Galactica when we got back. Aaron and I argue about whether or not it's really a cliff-hanger. I don't think so because they pretty much wrapped up a single tale in the BSG-verse... They just left it with a set up for the next season. They're really not afraid to do major changes and big plot lines. I love that show. I'm honestly starting to like it more than B5, which borders on blasphemy. ~_^

(2006/3/12: Short Notes - Tinnitus, Wikipedia)

Woke up Sunday and the tinnitus was finally gone. It had been fading, but still noticeably there. Geesh. I hadn't realized exactly how bad that would be. I'm pretty much going to refuse to do a concert sans earplugs again. My right ear still feels a tad funny and my throat hurts on that side. Hm. Might have to check with the doc if that doesn't go away soon. Maybe the damage made me more susceptible to an ear infection or something.

And a lot of my contributions to Wikipedia are still on top of the history. w00t! I'm a participating member of Wikipedia. I'll have to find other places to add stuff.

(2006/3/13: Amber)

I'm sitting in Starbucks now in order to cut down on distractions so that I can just write for a bit. Been meaning to finish this post for days (about a week now, actually).n I just get distracted by things like good TV and WoW. Mmmmmmmm..... WoW.

For those of you who are playing in my Amber game(s), I haven't forgotten about it. Just distracted for a bit. Hopefully going to spit out some opening scenes for those of you I have e-mails addresses and characters for. Some of it will be my interpretations and additions to your history and some just setup for your starting scenes.
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