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Well, I'm still sleep depped. Blah. Should have just gone to bed instead of finishing clearing off my hard drive. But burning that one disc while I was thinking about it cleared up a huge amount of space... *sighs* And I need to talk to my OS2 teammate and my cousin.

Half way through the second Honor Harrington book... I like having a roommate who works at a bookstore. A 33% discount makes it a lot easier to decide to get something. $18 bucks for the newest Honorverse book. The CD that comes with it apparently has the rest of the books and a bit more. And I found out that the CD is labeled something like "This CD and its Contents are free to share and copy, but not to sell". Woo! So, does anyone want to read some good sci-fi? I'll e-mail it to ya... *grinz*
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