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Random Thoughts

Three things:

1) SPAM FREE!!! Well, not free exactly. I modified my mail server to:
a) be strict about messages it accepts
b) blacklist open relays
c) Greylisting

I've gone from ~200 spam messages a day (90%+ caught by's filter) to less than ten. I'm impressed. If you have problems sending e-mail to me, let me know. I can make specific servers/addresses bypass this stuff.

2) I'm going to be in the Baltimore/Washington area Sept 16 - 19 or 20. If anyone else is going to be around then, perhaps we can arrange to "hang out" or something.

3) I'm trying to figure out what else the "new and improved" Silver Insanity needs. My thoughts are tending towards a wiki... but I don't know if it'll get used. Anyone out there have thoughts on the matter?
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