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So I got up at 5 AM to go to Medley Center's new Target. I'm crazy, I know. But I was 18th in line out of 39 units. Kick ass! Got my Wii along with it's Wiimote, Nunchuck, and Sports. Also picked up Excite Truck because It seemed pretty cool when I tested it at EB and it's multiplayer. They didn't have any extra controllers though. Boo.

Poked at it for a few minutes, then had to rush off for jennyael's little one's baptism. She was cute and quiet and I was zoning a little bit.

Then went to Gamestop to pick up my pre-ordered and pre-paid copy of ZELDA! No controllers there either. Nor at Best Buy, nor at Henrietta Target, nor at Circuit City, nor at Toys... Wait, no, I got one at Toys 'R' Us!. w00tness!

Been playing Zelda, some Sports. Haven't poked at Excite Truck at all really.

Wii Sports is kinda disturbing. I have the same slight spin to the left that I have in a real bowling alley. Tennis and Baseball are kinda difficult. Blah. I do have two controllers, so we can rock out d00ds. Head on over.
Tags: video games, wii, zelda

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