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Book meme

Periodic book meme, ganked from froborr:

1. Find the nearest book.
2. Turn to page 123.
3. Go to the fifth sentence on the page.
4. Copy out the next three sentences and post to your blog.
5. Name the book and the author, and tag three more folks.

"First of all, each combatant, witness or other participant must journey unto the Temenos (a 16-success extended meditation roll; see Mage: The Awakening, p. 284). Secondly, participants must find each other in the chaotic universal dreamscape. Although there are few fixed reference points in the Temenos and behond (see Boston Unveiled for examples), an experienced dream traveler can sometimes guide everyone to one that will serve as the field of honor."

Tome of the Mysteries, a Mage: The Awakening book by White Wolf. This is from a sidebar talking about astral combat, I guess. I haven't gotten that far into the book.

If you're reading this... Tag, you're it.
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