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Found this via one of the message boards on Aardwolf.

"Welcome to my kingdom, Mr. Falwell," said God.
"There are many on Earth who would be surprised to know you are here, and
others who would be not at all surprised but for the wrong reasons. You are
You are no longer of the Earth, and so I shall share with you the true
reason you are here.

"You are not here because you were devout, or scolded the sinful, or acted
in My name. You are not here because you successfully raised a certain
amount of money to build churches to try and entice - and sometimes coerce -
more people to find Me. You are not here because you prayed, or preached
or lived as you thought it right to live.

"You are here for the same reason the homosexuals are here, as well as the
jews and the Catholics and the Muslims and the atheists and all the others.
No doubt you saw them outside, and were surprised.

"You are here because I love you, and I always have.

"You wonder why these people are given the same love you feel you have
earned while they have not. This is because the answer is beyond your
understanding. My love is infinite, and thus, by its very nature,
inconceivable in its depths - at least to you. In life, you saw these people
as your enemies, but it is for men to decide who the enemies of men are. I
only concern Myself with the enemies of God, and that is for Me to decide,
Mr. Falwell, now and for ever. Not you.

"Be not troubled, though. In time, you will come to love them all too,
Mr. Falwell. This is the Kingdom of Heaven, after all and while there is
plenty of time here, there is no room for hatred."
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