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I haven't posted in a long while, huh? Well, the house is taking work. The place I normally get my lawn mower worked on is closed until the first. Joy joy.

Last Sunday, we hosted darkvalor's birthday party. Much fun, lots of people in the pool. Got to use the new grill, which was kind of fun.

Then we got to run off to CT due to a death in btoblake's family. Long drive, no AC, very hot days. Catholic mass. Lots of in-laws (mostly a good thing, except for my dislike of crowds). Lots of good food. I didn't really know the lady, but she was a good one from the stories I heard.

darkvalor and I are splitting the cost of a home theater. Nice big Panasonic LCD, Yamaha surround sound, new upscaling DVD player. It looks and sounds nice. Even hooked up the Wii to it. Much fun. Need a digital optical sound cord to get surround from the cable though.

My friend Josh is starting an online writing group with some of his friends. I know some people who read this do that whole "writing" thing, so feel free to poke at it. I'm hosting it over on silver.
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