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Random Thoughts

I hate being sick. I'm just well enough to be functional, but sick enough to have problems thinking straight. My sinuses tend to hold onto gunk far longer than I'd like.

I really hope that Firefly fans call their groups "closets".

If there is anyone else out there who needs to trade Friend Vouchers in Metroid Prime 3, I'd be happy to.

I think the designers of the Wii didn't think about cats. When the cats jump up on the couch, it's usually just enough to block the IR signal from the bar. And when one hand is flailing about to peg Space Pirates and the Nunchuck cord is bouncing... Well, cats tend to jump up on the couch.

My vacation was good, if tiring. 17 dives in 4 days. Woof. The cold isn't too much fun though.
Tags: diving, firefly, metroid, sick, wii
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