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Well, remember how I said the neighborhood had power? Apparently I was wrong. Stopped by the house yesterday afternoon and the entire place was dark. But there was a friendly sight: a pair of RG&E trucks. I had called the outage line and said that due to the additional help (thanks OH and CT!) they'd be getting to my neighborhood that evening. It came on while we were talking to the neighbor. The food in the fridge and freezer were long gone. :-( But It seems that was the only damage.

We flipped the breakers, put down towels to suck up the melted ice cubes all over the floor and went back for game. We stayed out one more night, since packing up the kitties at 11 after game seemed a little... silly.

Came home this morning to a nice warm, comfy house. It's nice to be home again.
Tags: house, iphone, power

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