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What a day...

Woo, I have an icon now. toonqueen so nice to me. ^_^

Got a couple hours of sleep today. My usual nap in Linear Algebra (what a boring prof) and some amount while my new copy of "This is Spinaltap" droaned on in the fairly funny commentary mode. Still not enough.

Test went more or less well. He asked the one question I knew really well as one of the essay questions and I managed to remember enough for the short answers. And I think I only slept for 10-15 minutes during it.... Need to stop silly not sleeping habits of mine.

Went to Mediaplay today and wasted more $$$: Love Hina disc 3 (Wai! More Keitaro sillyness), This is Spinaltap ("It does to 11."), and The Salmon of Doubt. 2 DVDs and a book. Glad I didn't get more.
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