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Up down up down, Let's all do the Vatican rag

Been a while since I've done the full set of Catholic aerobics... But, as Aunt Amy pointed out, at least it's not a funeral this time. ~.~

The title today is a quote, probibly mangled. I don't know from where though. Blarg. Stupid memory, or lack thereof.

Been a while since I've posted. Life's been kinda hectic recently. Finals are over though. Woohoo! Although that means the quarter's over and I now have to face up to the fact that I don't have a co-op for the summer yet. I should have started looking months ago. Blah.

Emptied out my digi-cam. 105 pictures from NYC still on there. I really need to select the good ones, edit, and put up a gallery. I think I took some nice ones in there. There were also 4 pictures from my walk when I got here on there.

Oh, yeah. Had a nice flight to ORD (Chicago O'Hare) on Friday. Drove to ROC (Rochester International), hopped on a puddle-jumper... Well, it wasn't a puddle jumper. They put me on an actual jet, but it wasn't much bigger than a Citation. Maybe 25 seats. Un-tied Express. Not too bad for a two hour flight from ROC to ORD. I think the lady next to me was right, the smaller planes do have more leg room. It was pretty comforable.

Speaking of the lady next to me, for once I didn't just sit in my seat and read. I talked to this woman from Cali for the entire flight. Never even opened Temple of the Winds (current book). She works in a Hospital Lab doing QC or something like that. She was in Rah-chacha for training on some bit of equipment or something. Talked about life, education, politics, software. Pretty cool. She was working with a grass-roots group to improve education. Good stuff. Which more people would

Will edit to finish later. Or maybe now...

Wish more people would petition da government to help fix things. We need a better educational system or we're going to lose our prominence. Heck, we already are.

So, the plane trip was good. Then I waited around a little while to catch the next bus going to Gurnee. Bus ride good. iPod and book.

Got to the hotel in Gurnee and thought about what to do next. I suppose I could have called Kat's house and tried to get a ride. Or called a taxi. Or tried to hop the PACE bus. I decided to walk. Threw my laptop bag in my roller, tossed my coat on top, and headed off. Stopped by a gas station across the street to get a map. Thought getting lost would be a bad thing.

Walked past the enterance to 6 Flags. Walked across a bridge over a river. The map said there was a path along the Des Plains, so I took it. It went the right way, so why not? Took some pictures. Pretty place. ^_^


Mostly been sitting around Kat's house. Talking to her some, reading some. Playing some Warcraft III.

Aunt Amy has threatened to cut my hair in my sleep. Grr.

Went to Kat's gradumacation today. Was a full Catholic mass. *sighs* Kinda interesting to feel the resounding sound of the responces. I can see why the church started some of the rituals. Joins

ARG! Someone in here stinks! I think it's my cousin Max... Poo smell. Ew.

Joins everone together very well. I just wonder who started them, who invented them.

Now it's Kat's party. I'm kinda skipping out a bit to finish writing this. I barely know anyone here and I'm still shy at times.

Met Kat's dad. She actually had all three fathers here. They got along well. Kinda creepy.

I've taken lots and lots of photos. I think I'm almost up to 150 now. ^_^ From this weekend alone.

Kat's da got her a camera. A real camera. Nikon. Very nice. I'm very glad for her because about a year ago I picked out a camera to get her, but I forgot all about it. ~.~ I spent too much getting here anyway, I couldn't have afforded it.

Ocassionally missing my Becky. Want to put my arms around her. Want to see her smile. Lots of things are reminding me of her today. *sighs* Only one more day...

Well, that's about it. Time to go back to the party.

EDIT 1: Updated to bring review up to current.
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