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Flight home

Unitied flight 483 departing Chicago O'Hare International Airport and arriving at Rochester International Airport.

I sit here at my window seat and watch the snowbanks floating past, adrift on the blue ocean. Or maybe the plane is passing by clouds in the blue air... One of the two. I am heading home to my love, my Becky, and I will be home once again in her arms.

Had a good trip. Stayed up very late last night talking to my cousin, about her life and her thoughts. I am very glad that I had the chance to go see her again and to help her. And hope my parents won't begrudge the money I spent to get there. *inno* I wish she could see what a wonderful person she is. I hope that she'll read all the nice things people wrote her on her "sign in sheet" and realize they actually meant them. She brings light into people's lives, enriches them, saves them, and even loves them...

And many of them repay her by trying to ignore her. I hope her friends remember to talk to her this summer, and won't let her be alone. I hope that those she would like to talk to will actually talk to her instead of being blind and hurtful... And realize they can't just stay shut in their rooms ignoring the hurt, shutting people out.

Of course, he'll probibly ignore that message... if he reads it...

I pray to God that she finds friends at SIU. People who will treat her as she should be treated. Who will return her love and kindness with the same.


I left some things out... Mostly out of forgetfullness.

I called my parents from Rochester and talked to my Uncle Fred and Aunt Betty. It's a bit of a pity that promices kept me from going home this weekend to see them, but I couldn't turn back on what I promiced Kat. I apparently have another e-mail address and a domain. I need to go back and reread messages from Uncle Fred. I hope me forgives me for overlooking it.

Security at Rochester asked that I remove my shoes and send them through the X-Ray. I also had to remove my laptop and all its power cables. ~.~ Security is getting a little bit out of hand at times. Aunt Amy said that it's a fair price to pay for the freedoms we have. I personally think that they are taking too many of our freedoms away. Homeland Security my arse.

"A man who trades their freedom for a bit of temporary security desirves neither." -- Ben Franklin (paraphrased)

"They could have called it 'Fatherland Security'. There's a bunch of old German guys going 'ja, I like dat one'." -- Robin Williams (also paraphrased)

Ack, well. At least getting through O'Hare wasn't a problem. Easy checkin... give da machine my credit card, get a boarding pass, breeze through security, and then get an early and small supper. ~_^

And I didn't even have to remove my shoes.
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