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Amusing Entries from the Dresden RPG index

A quick glimpse into why I like the writing style of the Dresden RPG books: Selected entries from the index.

  • Wizard-Lycanthrope-Red-Court-Infected-Changeling-potamus
  • Billy Speculates (27 entries)
  • Big Red MORE Button
  • Harry's Player "Jim" (17)
  • Gamer Humor (8)
  • Not Getting Shot
  • Werewolf?: (There, wolf. There, castle.)
  • Shut Up Bob (19)
  • Defense Against the Nastybad Arts
  • Help! I’m Trapped in an Indexing Factory!: see: Recursion

And that leads to the ever classic:

  • Recursion: see: Recursion
Tags: dresden, humor, rpg
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