June 18th, 2002

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This LJ thing...

Well, I finally caved. I know lots of people that use LiveJournal, and toonqueen had a code I could use. I figured "why not?" Well, now I'm testing out Phoenix and iJournal to post things. This one is Pheonix (Carbon version, of course, why would I use anything else?), maybe I'll try iJournal for the next one. LJ seems pretty nice so far. It's GPL, so I'll have to see if I can help do coding. All my interests gave lots of results (or at least the couple I tried did).

Me? Well, check my User Info to see who I am and what I like. Right now, I'm putting off studying for my first midterm of summer quarter! Only 2 weeks in! How absurd... *sigh* I'm feeling kinda down at the moment. Need someone around to cuddle. Having my SO hours away by plane sucks... But I've known that for three years.

Other than that, nothing much. Played in a friend's Shatterzone game tonight. That went well. My character (with amnesia, since I picked the wrong plothook) successfully kept his hospitalized brother from getting killed, so that's good. I really need to sit down and figure out what my Ventrue in the LARP is doing next. Tooooo much plot going on, and none of it from the ST. Doesn't that sound like fun?
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YaxJournal and iJournal

Okay, that's it. I'm avoiding YaxJournal from now on, even if it's got a better offline interface for one simple reason: I just lost a 5 paragraph entry by pressing the wrong button. AND THERE'S NO UNDO FOR IT!

And I don't want to use iJounal for a bug that also occurs in this abomination named YaxJournal: the mood list won't stay down. I click on the little blue down arrow and the menu disappears when I move the mouse towards the scroll bar. ERG!

Phoenix it is for LiveJournal clients under Mac OS X. Seems the most mature anyway.
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Well, I had a really long entry for this... Now I'm just jotting it down quick to replace what YaxJournal lost (check the previous entry).

Midterm today in Philosophy of Religion. It's an interesting class. I suggest anyone with any interest in combining rational thought with religion take it (if it's available at your school). But it's my last class today, and I didn't quite study enough. (Drat the three distractions of LJ, K5, and FANS.) Also I didn't get any sleep last night (reluctance to just stop and lay down, studying, and distractions). So now I have to get through 4 straight hours of class before I even get to attempt to BS my way through an essay question in Philosophy.

Great. Just great.

And it's nice to know I'm talking into a void, since nobody knows I have a LiveJournal yet. If you actually read this for any reason, leave a comment, huh?
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What a day...

Woo, I have an icon now. toonqueen so nice to me. ^_^

Got a couple hours of sleep today. My usual nap in Linear Algebra (what a boring prof) and some amount while my new copy of "This is Spinaltap" droaned on in the fairly funny commentary mode. Still not enough.

Test went more or less well. He asked the one question I knew really well as one of the essay questions and I managed to remember enough for the short answers. And I think I only slept for 10-15 minutes during it.... Need to stop silly not sleeping habits of mine.

Went to Mediaplay today and wasted more $$$: Love Hina disc 3 (Wai! More Keitaro sillyness), This is Spinaltap ("It does to 11."), and The Salmon of Doubt. 2 DVDs and a book. Glad I didn't get more.
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