June 24th, 2002

bish, smile


I hate summer. I moved up north because of the promice of lots of snow... I really wish it would snow in the summer. Instead it's waaaay too warm and I get to feel all nasty and sweaty. Bleck.

Hm, my origional plans for the weekend and this morning had included me sleeping until well past now. But it had also included getting home well before now. Oh, well, plans change.

Looks like this will be a boring week. No games at all this week. Shattergame usually scheduled for tonight is canceled due to GM being out of town. D&D game Friday canceled because GM is working (evil McD's). And my LARP on Saturday just doesn't run this week. Hope I don't go stir crazy.

And now time to go take a shower so I feel cool, although the AC helps. I like living in this nice cool basement.
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