July 3rd, 2002

bish, smile

One all-night cram session...

...followed by sweating to death just from sitting around (dang it's hot up here... global warming, maybe?). Bleck.

Oh, well. Guess it's time to get ready for my final. Five week classes rule. Now I only have class two days a week. This sure beats working in the "real world". Although working makes money, instead of having it flush down the drain to rent, food, appliances...

It's the 3rd of July, which means tomorrow is the day to celebrate being American by burning dead animals and eating them (woo! No vegitarians in my house!) then watching things explode. Hm. Maybe I should ask people to come over or something to participate. *shrug* Although, in the current spirit of America, I should make sure that I run identity checks on all of them first, to be sure they're not a terrorist from the "Axis of Evil". Oy. 9.9

Been having random thoughts about how humanity is screwing itself over mentally... Well, at least humanity that i know of. Maybe the East has it different, or maybe it's just the people I know... Eh. No time. Must shower, rush to Wendy's for some fast food, then final time!
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