July 31st, 2002

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Con Report

Eh, figured I might as well post a post-Otakon2K2 wrapup, since I just read 2 on my friends list. But, first I think I'll put down more recent stuff.

Had to be up wayyyyy too early today. As much as I hate the daystar, I really despise having to wake up before it is in the sky. Blah. Drove to Buffalo at four-something this morning to get Jen to her six-something flight home. Blah. Well, I managed to get a ten hour nap when I got back home, and Jen's moving to Buffalo State in three weeks (more or less). Still... blah.

Have a presentation due tomorrow on Stephen Hawking. Figured tonight might be a good time to start. Maybe.

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General Con Feelings: Better organized than ACEN, I think. If nothing else the space was better for it (that bottlenecked hallway in ACEN always annoyed me). Didn't watch any anime, but I go to cons for panels and stuff like that. Can watch anime at club. Becky got along with my friends from home as well as (or better in one case) than expected...

Kinda annoyed that I only saw 4 people I knew though. Shared a room with Tristan, Jed, & Cyrus... Spent most of the con with them. Good stuff. Met up with Mark from RIT a couple times, too. Woulda liked to have at least been able to say "Hi" to Nicole, Sean, or Lorien though. I know they were all there. Hm. Maybe I should have tried to yell at people beforehand to have dinner together or something. Bah. Oh, well.

Now, back to work...
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