November 8th, 2002

bish, smile


I'm in a Scrooge mood. Life sucks, everyone should die, sort of thing.

TOO MUCH STRESS!!! Three papers to do for next week.

Next Monday: VLSI Project
Next Tuesday: V&V Exam, Poetry paper, Poetry exam
Next Friday: V&V Paper, Tolstoy final paper
????: VLSI Exam

I'm also running low on cash. I'm trying not to spend any money becuase if I don't get my scholarship very fast, I might not have enough around for rent next month. And that would suck.

Of course, I wouldn't be so bad if I hadn't ended up paying so much money for my housemates.... Grrrr...... >.<

Also on the "life sucks" note: I can't go to a birthday party I promiced to go to six months ago (or so). ARG! I hate hate hate having to break my word. But the party is this weekend and I have to spend something like 15 hours in a lab before Monday.

Oh, and I can't find my Poetry book so doing my paper and exam should be interesting. ~.~
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    The sound of freshman doing their last CS1 lab.