December 28th, 2002

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Good day and Christmas Report

Had a good day today. Barely got any sleep last night... Left iTunes running and it played something loud at just the right time to wake me up... around 8:30 or something evil like that. And since I heard people downstairs, I just got up. Oy. Not very surprising that I collapsed this evening, really.

Got my car registered. Becuase my scholarship came later than I thought, I've been getting behind on bills. Very nice to not have the county government attempting to repossess my car or anything like that. I forgot my checkbook though, so I didn't pay the OTHER bills. Oy.

Went to lunch with my Dad. We braved the mall (not too bad b/c it was 2PM) to get corn dogs. Yum. Talked a lot too, which was good. Been getting a little disconnected from my family because they're always busy when I'm home. *sighs* Talked about a lot of stuff, including religion. My dad's been Born-Again (I really dislike that term) and is trying a somewhat subtle push to get me into church. I'm actually going to poke around Ra-cha-cha (Rochester) to see what congrigations are around. Need to find one that doesn't make me want to throttle people.

From the greed and avarice department: Chrismas Loot I got a rice cooker!!! No more burnt rice from my crappy cooker. No, instead there will be a constant supply of 10 cups of perfectly steamed rice. Esquellent.

Got the Fellowship of the Ring: Extended Edition DVD. Pretty. Got a sweater and a sweatshirt.

Woog. I'm getting tired. Got a box with brownies and a frog. Got a large jar full of Giradelli (however you spell that) chocolate of varying kinds. Got a Zaurus and a 128MB SD card and a CF wireless card. It's all keen and Linuxy and I'd be very excited about it if I wasn't about to fall over.
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