February 13th, 2003

bish, smile


Cold and alone... Mostly because RIT keeps the heat in the RITreat too low and nobody else is hanging out in here at this hour. I wouldn't be either except for the fact that I have no transportation home.

I want a car. Blah. Being without transportation sucks. Always just sitting around not able to do anything and that really drags down my mood. Not that my mood needs a lot of dragging down with the too much work to do for one class (my fault, I let it pile up) and attempting to help my cuz out.

Fortunitly, btoblake keeps me from getting too down. But she works until really late, so I don't get a ton of time with her. *sighs*

Ack, well... Gotta get back to work.
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    Koji Kondo - Lon Lon Ranch