February 27th, 2003

bish, smile


Blarg. I hate 8 AM exams. Especially since I tend to stay up until early morning to study for exams the next day. Poor time management, I know. Blah. ~.~ I really should have started studying even though I did have that headache and I did own Warcraft III. *inno*

Bah. Headache slowly returning. I hate sinuses.

Got an A in OS2, the evil project class. Woo. I missed the last day of classes when all the teams "raced" to see who would complete a set of stress tests first. To our surprise, we came in second. It was kind of strange, considering that when we had last checked one of the test programs caused our OS to crash. O.o

Want to go home and nap, but don't want to walk home.

Now that I've finished Language Processors, I'm really tempted to start writing a new language. EBC, the Expression Based Calculator. It'll do symbolic manipulation instead of simple arithmatic. We'll see how it goes...
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