April 13th, 2003

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One Last Breath

I've been working pretty hard for two or three weeks to plan a replacement for a game I thought was dying. I wanted to try something new. The same game, same rules, but a new twist. Something thematic and moody. Something that shows the horrors of Vampire, what you give up, the pain of no longer being quite human. I haven't seen this done here at RIT in the four years I've been LARPing and thought it would be a breath of fresh air...

But no, we're playing Garou instead.

The following is a long rant about what happened and my feelings about it. Accusations are made and pain is let out. Before reading the rest, remember that this is simply my journal, my view, my feelings. Other people will see things differently. And, as always, reality is somewhere inbetween.

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Knife in the Back

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Looks like the injury done to the game is more serious than I thought. The staff has lost faith. If the players had just had doubts, we could push past it. If the staff can't hold together, we're doomed.

Plus, the only slot that looks like it'll be open to run in is alternating against Spiritus Archanum. Which half of my staff and unknown numbers of my players have conflicts with.

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Last night I heard people talking about "Vampire concepts" and "Garou concepts" and the like... Why do concepts have to be linked to the game you play? Yes, some mesh with the world better than others, but why not come up with a person, a personality, a role to play and then figure out what happens to them in the game world?

Yes, you are limited some by the rules you agree to exist by. Someone who hates the world and wants to distroy it all can hardly participate in a game where you are out to save Gaia... But why can't a hippy peacenik work in Vampire? They'd be tained by the violence they find themselves forced to commit, but it's the same person to start.

When I start to make a character I start with either traits, merits, or flaws. And I don't choose them baised on what will help me in the system, I simply pick something that starts a character. As details fill in, I add things to my character. I then count things up and balance what I've written with character points (if i didn't have them in mind to begin with) and only then do I give them the powers that are specific to the game.

My new Garou, I started with choosing Glasswalker. Not because I liked their philosophy or anything but because a phrase used in the 3rd ed rule book caught my eye: "Oo! Weaver-thing!" I tossed it around in my head and was told I could be part of the Mafia. I added that. Made him an Ahroun... Nearly Philodox, but instead of simply judging he gets coldly angry at those he feels to be wrong. Someone overconfident and brash. Young with the expectation of power and that people will listen. I still don't know what his gifts are. I'll let him pick when I get that far.

I could have done the same in Vampire. A brash neonate Brujah, used to commanding power in the moral realm and in for a rude surprise when caught in the politics of the elders.

Exalted: A dragon-blooded out to tell the Solars they need to stand down for the good of the empire. After all, they'll listen to a voice of command won't they? Confident in the idea that he has armies to back his word.

DND: A wizard, maybe, with the command of firey magics to back his cool words. Confident that he can blow away anything he doesn't like.

Amber: A prince of Amber. Need I say more?

I just don't see why.... no, I can't see how you can be out of _____ concepts unless you're building _____ instead of characters. And making characters is what Role Playing is about.

And for those of you who are worrying over my last posts, the were a first thing in the morning rambling and recording of thoughts. They don't dominate my thinking or taint the friendships I have. It's just a game. It might still happen... maybe...
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Old Ghosts

I've delved a lot today. A good deal of it has been here in this semi-public forum, but really, that's what this is here for. A kinda dumping ground that people who care can say things about. I really don't want people putting too much faith into what I say here... I really do fluxuate between extremes and tempers and the occasional tear before I setting into what I want to do. But I guess it shouldn't be ignored entirely either.

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