June 10th, 2003

bish, smile

Moving and Dial-Up

40,000 baud? ARG!!!!

Got impressive spam today. Looks like a "please don't make my account inactive" form from paypal. Looking at the source though, it didn't come from the paypal server, the form doesn't submit to Paypal's web site (zeushost.8bit.co.uk?), and there's no way I would put my credit card info on a form on a random peice of e-mail. Besides, I canceled my paypal account long ago

But... Anyone who has a paypal account! IGNORE e-mails from paysecurity@paypal.com and DO NOT PUT IN YOUR CREDIT CARD NUMBER Stupid scammers... *sighs*

So, I'm in my new place. Boxes boxes everywhere. Slooowly (slow like dial-up!) unpacking. The kitchen is in some sort of useful state. Need to go use it, since I think I've forgotten to eat so far today. Hm.

I've been putting up mini-blinds and setting up electronics and installing a new thermostat... Oy, lots of stuff. Let's just take things one at a time. In no particular order.

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Important note: New cell phone, house phone, and address available. Friends and family, ask and ye shall recieve. ~_^

I think that about wraps it up. Need to go eat sometime today. Peace out y'all.
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