June 24th, 2003

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Two thousand dollars.

That's how much I estimate I've spent over the past three months supporting people at my old townhouse. I know I'm guessing low, plus I've been pulling more than my fair share since well before then with people having rocky jobs and bad months.

I should just turn off their power. I should. I think I will if they don't pay the rent... I'm already out $500 this month for RG&E. That alone is more than my share of rent... And when I pay for Time Warner, that's more than my share of bills too.

They need to pull their own weight.

I need to head over there and get the cable box and modem so I can shut off that bill. They don't need internet to live, and they can start their own account if they really want it.

That stupid place has and is sucking all of my money away. Money I really needed to give back to my parents, but I haven't been able to since I had to pay for this crap.

I'm too nice. I've been letting these people get away with too much... And I'm still being generous to them. I don't know why.
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bish, smile

Last Post

My last post was written really late at night when I was feeling very depressed.

Before I take do anything I would tell my friends, obviously.

I just felt like yelling at the world in general and that's what my LJ is for.