July 23rd, 2003

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Met a man today.

I met a trucker from Mississippi today. He was trying very hard not to be a trucker and failing. You see, not being a trucker involved being in Canada and I met him in Rochester. And the funny thing about Rochester is that it is distinctly not Canada, being in the United States and all.

He'd been stuck sleeping in parking lots near the mall for four days. He asked a cop for help and Henrietta's finest decided to ticket him for his cracked windshield. He stopped by a Jewish church wossname... a synagogue, yeah. And after listening to his tale, the lady he was talking to there asked if he was Jewish. Saying that he wasn't resulted in the lady saying he should go to a church of his own faith.

Isn't the spirit of giving so prevailant these days?

He was sitting in the Wegman's parking lot at 2 AM when I met him. He was down to $0.52, little more than bread to eat, and probibly not even a gallon of gas. After listening to his tale and a rambling story about him helping others and how he was stuck here trying to get to Canada for a new job, I offered to help him out.

We drove down to a local gas station, filled his tank, got him some non-perishable snacks... And I decided to give him a little bit of cash. I didn't want to see him stuck half way there. Besides, it would mean he'd defiately eat.

I didn't give him my address. I don't expect to be repaid. He insisted that I take his grandmother's address anyway and informed me multiple times that if I was ever in Mississippi that I'd have somewhere to stay. Maybe I'll drop him a postcard somtime. Maybe not. *shrugs* In any case, I hope that God watches over that man as he tries to kick off a new life.
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