August 15th, 2003

bish, smile

Annnnnnnnddddd WE'RE BACK!

So. Power outage. Blah.

I learned about it coming home from dropping off Bex when I noticed that my radio stations were dropping like flies. Kinda odd to suddenly be picking up a distant classical station instead of the very close alternative rock station. O.o Then I hit a batch of stop lights that were out. About now I start thinking that it's not just a couple stations vanishing...

So after sitting around the house for a little bit with AWC to avoid rush hour without any lights, we hit the road looking for food (on the idea that opening the fridge is bad). Apparently Irondiquoit (new theory: that mall is losing customers based on the fact that it's too hard to spell when half-awake) still had power. It has a generator and only a dozen stores (instead of 50), so they were all find. And it had a Burger King. One that closed just after we got to the front of the line (and before they took our orders).

// TODO: finish LJ post about outage

And, in other news... One year. It's been exactly one year since I've started going out with my love. And I don't think anything has made me happy quite like this. It really feels like just the beginning of something that will last for a long long time.
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