October 7th, 2003

bish, smile

Stuff getting fixed.

So I hopefully will have a part time job soon. Delivery boy for a food place, but eh, it's money.

Figured out the co-op web page. Several opportunities there, and most of them look like they'll pay well. The IBM offers annoys me though, they have jobs in New York and jobs in Rochester. Unfortunitly they're in Troy, NY and Rochester, MN. Eh, but there are other jobs here. Just need to finish applying.

They fixed the water coming out of the ceiling. That's a good thing. Turns out there was bad seal on the bathtub so a little bit of the water coming out of the faucets ran behind the switch plate, through the floor, and through the ceiling where it collected in the paint. (Very odd.) Maintance guy came and fixed it today, waking me up from a nap ("Huh? I was asleep? Did I hear a doorbell?"). He also un-clogged the drain. Women have long hair. Long hair gets caught in drain. *sighs* The good thing is that he left most of a bottle of what claims to be concentrated sulfuric acid as a clog remover. (You can hear it fizzzzzzzz when you pour it down there. Not for internal use indeed.)

Random stuff. Whee.
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