November 19th, 2003

bish, smile


Went home last weekend. Had a good time witht he Playmakers, even if I avoided most of the cast party by hiding in my room. I don't like crowds. ~.~ I suppose I could have tried to be more social, but... Eh. *shrugs*

Also had a long talk with Dad. Was good. Understand things a bit more and feel more comfortable. It's hard to be around people who you think you're disappointing. Especially when people around you are going "your dad's upset you haven't picked a co-op yet".

Grrrrrr.... Picked a co-op? I'm not picking co-ops, I'm trying to get hired. I can't get hired if nobody calls me for an interview. I know I haven't worked as hard at it as I could, but frustration and depression does that. Grrrrrr

But, speaking of interviews.... I have one!!!! Sw33t. It's in the CIMS building at RIT with Chatham's current group. And John says they don't currently have anyone for the position. Sweeeeeeet.....

Wish me luck. ~_^

Oh, and I'm insane. I'm plotting a LJ client called PLJC (Perl LiveJounal Client). Sucky name, but I've never been good with names. *shrugs*

(And my wish list is getting updated pretty regularly. It's just a list of stuff I find shiny, so it's interesting even if you don't have the $$$ to get me something.)
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bish, smile


"Thus, if you were capable of surviving in a high-pressure blast furnace and had a strong grip, you could make a plutonium snowball out of plutonium snow. Of course, you would have to be extremely careful about it. If you made it too big, above critical mass, the resulting explosion would end the snowball fight for good." ~~Snowball Fight on Mars
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