November 28th, 2003

bish, smile

Turkey Day

Well, I spent most of the plane trip to CA (via Pittsburgh) writing an LJ entry on my laptop. And when I get to CA... I delete it when playing around trying to get two computers to share files. *sighs*

The trip was un-eventful. US Airlines are cheap-skates. Had to pay for headset to listen to movie (except I brought my iPod earbuds), for food, and got soda a cup at a time. Compare to United: free headsets, free food (well, not in addition to ticket), and they give you the entire can of soda. Oy. Less than impressed. Pittsburghmall... err... airport is nice. At least it is as far as my 5 minute investigation revealed.

Thanksgiving has been interesting. Seeing lots of relatives I haven't seen in a long while, which is interesting. Little boys are now taller than me. Strange.

Thankful... Thankful to see my relatives again. Thankful for my new job that will let me stay in Rochester. Thankful for my wonderful, loving "intended" (as my aunt put it). Thankful for at least mostly sane and reasonably clean roommates. And thankful for parents who are willing to help me, listen to me, and help me learn and grow.

In a late kind of response to one of Crei's posts (I think he reads this)... I've kind of slipped away from old friends. Have not seen friends from old neighborhood in..... years and years. Talk to my best friend from middle school on AIM occasionally (Yo, Joe!). But have almost completely lost touch with Nerd Corners except for sporadic AIM convos with Tristan and reading LJs. Which kind of really sucks. TJ was a big change for me and Nerd Corners was... extraordinary. And I regret losing touch with all of you. And sometimes wonder if some things ever got resolved... *shrugs* But I'm me... I tend not to talk to anybody who doesn't talk to me. Very reactive instead of pro-active. Lost touch with my family over the last six months almost completely. *shrugs* I do what I remember to do... and not let it worry me so that I don't let it interfere with what I do have.

Well, that was long and semi-depressing. Eh.

Oh, sorted out my wish list by category, added some stuff... But can't put it on silver until I get my laptop online again.