December 27th, 2003

bish, smile


Want to know what's going on.
Want to comfort you.
Want to be there for you.
Want to hold you.
Want to keep you.
Want the tears to stop threatening.
Want the fears to go away.
Want to not feel this searing in my heart.
Want to sleep peacefully, although I don't think I'll sleep at all.
Want to make the world right for you.
Want to help, if I could...
Want to belong...
Want to be calm, instead of acting calm.
Want someone to cool me off.
Want to take your edge off.
Want to not be on edge.
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    The Beatles: Hey Jude
bish, smile


Putting eight hours of sleep between you and an issue really makes it a lot less important. Especially when those eight hours end at 4PM. *sighs* Not the best planning in the world, I'll admit. Oh, well.

Finally finished the gifts for my family finally. They're all wrapped and everything. Not sure I did the best job putting it together, but eh. Hope they'll all like them.
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    John Williams: Star Wars - Main Theme