February 2nd, 2004

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Super Bowl

The Super Bowl was pretty good this year, although I'm glad I only watched the last hour or so. I like the games where it's really close, both teams are really pushing, and everything is decided in the last ten seconds. Good stuff. Thought for a bit that the Super Bowl would go into overtime (for the first time apparently). That field goal was a great decision, and it's a good thing he made it despite his earlier misses. ^_^

Heard on the way into work that the half-time show was interesting too... Apparently Justin whatever-his-name-is ripped part of Janet Jackson's top off. A lot of people are saying it was planned because she was wearing some sort of nipple jewelry. *shrugs* I don't know if I agree... People wear all sorts of odd things under their clothing. 'course I'm kind of curious how he managed to rip her clothes in the first place. Hm.

In case you (like me) didn't see it, apparently there are pictures available at the Druge Report.

And this is a great headline (found on Google News): Doom to strike Microsoft
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Our Legal System at Work

(Links stolen from a /. article)

It's always interesting to read a court's decision when one of them has gone and gotten well and truly pissed. When a judge starts calling his peer's decisions Orwellian and beyond what communist governments are willing to do, you know something is up.

Basically, a CA district court has ruled that an Internet Cafe enjoys some First Amendment protections but has completely ignored the privacy of the people going there. Would you go to a 'net cafe in a city that requires all 'net cafes to have cameras watching you constantly? The majority opinion justifies this by saying the city does not require the cameras to record the computer screens. Good grief. And they also state that a camera is identical to a security guard. Pardon? Sure thing.

Read more informed opinions here and here. The actual decision is available as a PDF here. The dissenting opinion is particularly interesting and starts at page 30.
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