February 6th, 2004

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MLP & Final Superbowl thoughts

A political view of the Superbowl and CBS

And a lawsuit... How dumb. ~.~

The winner: hypocisy and Hypocrisy was also exposed

Well, everyone has finally put in their $0.02 about the half time show. As I thought, they had something clever planned. If you watch the "incident" again (and I don't want to know what you do while you watch), you'll notice (or maybe not) that the other breast has red lace peeking over the top of the leather. Apparently removing that bit of costume was just supposed to reveal something lacy, not something racy. Eh. It was a pretty dumb stunt to begin with, and MTV can be blamed for putting together a show that sexual in the first place.

But the removal of the "moveon.org" ad against Dubya was dumb.

And the fact that people shooting each other is fine but boobs are not is just silly I think. Violence is fine while the human body is not. Right. Sure.

(Yes, this post was edited multiple times within the span of a few minutes.)
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