March 19th, 2004

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Journal #1

I finally arrived in Windhurst today, kupo! It's been a long trip, but it's been worth it. The people here are so friendly. I met the SOB, and they seem nice. I have to find them some tail to join their club. A nice person near the fishing guild told me that rahabs have tail I could bring to the SOB, but I haven't been able to get any. Kupo~. ~.~

I made a friend today! His name is Dirzt and he helped me to learn to adventure. He's a fellow red mage but knows a lot more than I do. I practiced using my dagger against a bunch of rahabs and he used Cure and Protect to keep me safe. I'm very grateful to friend Dirzt, kupo. He watched over me until I was experienced enough to explore some on my own.

Windhurst keeps me safe too, kupo. I took take a break from adventuring after a Goblin Weaver decided to throw a bomb at me while I was fighting a rahab. That hurt so much that Windhurst had to bring me back to my home point. I'm really glad for those, kupo!

I'm not doing too bad for my first trip out. I've got a small pile of treasure and a lot of crystals! I even got enough gil to buy Cure for myself, kupo. Maybe I can help someone else out like friend Dirzt helped me, kupo!
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bish, smile


If you can't tell, I've ventured into the world of FFXI. It's shiny. And it made me lose much sleep. Bad Brian. Work will suck tomorrow. I'm playing on Odin as a Red Mage Tarutaru in Windhurst. Made it up to level 4. ^_^ Met someone named Dirzt who wanted to start an RP linkshell. Pretty cool.

Also got a couple beginner book on Japanese today. Hopefully will be able to learn a bit and actually be able to listen to anime someday instead of just reading it. ^_^

/linkshell Well, I'm tired... sleep now.
/say Goodnight, kupo!
(No, I haven't played too much FFXI tonight, why?)
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