March 30th, 2004

bish, smile


This almost falls under the category of MLP, but it's so shiny.

twoflower writes most excellent fiction, both fanfic and original. He wrote a Slayers trilogy that I have problems remembering isn't canon. He wrote a story about the horrible, ugly, dark side of being a magical girl. But most recently he wrote an excellent series set in a multiverse created by reality engines, dominated by a Big Evil Corporation (tm). It's a very cool series with a very cool setting. It's called Unreal Estate.

Now he's encouraging others to play in his sandbox. w00t! I only wish I had the writing skills. *sighs* Really, I wish I could do decent plots. I run a LARP, but lean heavily on my Narrator for the plot. Blarg. Well, at least if I come up with something, I know he won't mind me using his stuff. ^_^

2f's started a LJ community for his "Unreal Estate: Open House". It's over here: unrealestate

I suggest everyone at least check out Unreal Estate. And if you like his writing, check out The Ultimate Codex of Twoflowerian Fiction. Personal Suggestions: Unreal Estate, Sailor Nothing, Slayers Reflect/Chaos/Rebirth, Slayers Demiurge, MTCFF, and "The Really Big Button That Doesn't do Anything".
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