June 8th, 2004

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My Week...

or... Why my legs hurt and I'll have skin cancer. Also wedding, Potter, and start of classes. Collapse )

Enough rambling. I'll have a post up later about some gaming stuff I'm thinking about.
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I'm thinking about running an Exalted campaign to replace my LARP that is (permanently?) on hiatus. It would be set in the city of Nexus and would follow my previous rules about "if you buy me the book I'll consider approving it." Books useful for statting things that I already have are: Exalted (Solars), Dragon Blooded (Terrestrials), and the Player's Guide.

I have Scavenger Sons and may be using parts of that for setting. But don't take it as fact... I'll probably use it more for geography and places than people. I think it actually mentions who's on the council and that's likely to change in my campaign, for example.

I found a couple interesting maps that I'll likely to be using. First is a map of Creation found on this web site. It's a great map for any Exalted fans with placement of nearly everything mentioned in Exalted, as far as I can tell.

Second, and more relevant to my game is a map of Nexus here: "http://www.geocities.com/megapope3k/Nexuscopy2.jpg" (copy/paste into new window to see it). I found it on the Exalted Compendium's fourms in a thread called "Nexus Project of Doom!™". I'll try to ask the guy who made it if I can host it on Silver...

I was going to make my own Nexus map, but this looks pretty good and was matching a lot of the thoughts I had. I'll probably make minor changes (like moving the borders of districts to the rivers). BTW, that's the Yellow River to the north, the Grey River to the south, and they join to form the Yanaze River to the west.

Edits: Replaced link to Nexus map with URL for Copy/Paste. Replaced vauge instructions on how I found it with URL.
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