August 26th, 2004

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Slow week, busy day...

So.... This week I tried to get my ducks in a row. I mostly just succeeded at stressing out and getting depressed. Blarg.

I found a church to go to up here... Now I just need to remember to set my alarm Saturday night and see if it's as interesting as its web page.

((And I need to remember the difference between its and it's.))

But ANYway...

I actually have managed to get a few things off my list. I've talked to Time Warner. The bill is not worse than I had thought (which I had been fearing). Woo. And they do have the change of name stuff in their system. They apparently just didn't get it before they sent out the last bill. So you don't have to worry Colleen, it's all taken care of. ^_^

I e-mailed people regarding my co-op and my grad app. One step at a time... Whee.

My game is off to a decent (re-)start. Whee! The players dragged the game off in a near-completely random direction, so I'm pulling plot out of my arse! Whoo-hoo!

Food good.
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Looking Around

Where oh where has my little camera gone? Oh where oh where could it be?

EDIT: D'oh. It was right where I left it. I feel dumb now.

Now to buy food and books! BWAHAHAHA!!!
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Great martial arts techniques

Meteor Brings Mass Extinction
Tornado Decimates Trailer Park
Volcano Blows Top

Dude. When you need to transfer magic somewhere, it is in fact a good idea to transfer it into yourself. Uncle + Strength of Ox = Much kicking of behind!!
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