December 17th, 2004

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State of the Benabik, Part I

This begins a series of LiveJournal posts describing the current state of the Benabik. These posts will be organized by department.

Department of Education

Completion of step one towards...

We interrupt this State of the Benabik to give you a QOTUTP:

"You're going to have Jesus with the suction cups, climbing up the side of a building."
~~ Some guy on TV, talking about Passion of the Christ merchandise

Completion of step one towards my graduate diploma, "Complete my undergraduate work", has been completed. This step has been waiting on a set of paperwork to turn two Failed co-op quarters into Succeeded ones. This involved 2 pages of writing that were copied and altered very slightly, walked down the hall, signed, then walked back to be turned in. Confirmation has been received

"Is Hollywood about quality? Uh, no."

that the paperwork was processed and a diploma is on the way. Now to find that recommendation...

Department of the Defense

*crickets chirp*

Hm. Perhaps I should take up martial arts again or something. I kinda miss sword work too.

Treasury Department

Budget has been a bit thin, but most payments have been make and others should be complete soon. Unexpected expenses from the Department of Transportation has made things interesting, but things are still going well. A long outstanding check related to the State Department's current project has finally cleared, making use of a available money less worrisome.

More department reports to come later...
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