Benabik Alvar (benabik) wrote,
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anachronauts: just awesome

Stefan “Twoflower” Gagne’s latest opus. I’m a big fan of most of his stuff, and this is among his best. The tagline is “a web novel series of broomsticks, semiautomatics, and jetpacks” and it’s not far off. 2f’s spent years honing mashing and twisting genres together and now he’s created a world full of genres to bend, fold, spindle and mutilate for your amusement. It’s full of action, adventure and engaging character arcs.

He’s finished two books and even published them (paper and Kindle), but if you’re a poor grad student like me it’s still all available online for free. He’s recently finished another long side-story and is about to dig into the (final?) full sized novel. Now’s a great time to dig in, and if you have any questions he’s very responsive to fans over on his LiveJournal.

Here’s his welcome page for a more in depth description of what it’s about:


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