February 10th, 2005

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Red v Blue

Red States.

Blue States.

WTF? Random arbitrary divisions of the country. Annoys me. Really, there is no state that is that uniform. If you look at a "blue" state, you'll find that most of the Democratic presence is around the cities, while suburbs are mostly Republican. An even within a "red" or a "blue" county, there will be a decent number of people on the other side.

Really, I look outside and see a white state. No, I'm not talking racial crud. I'm talking about the fact that I'm in upstate New York in winter.

And on a somewhat related note: Mandate?!? Why is everyone hailing 51% as something amazing? It means nearly half the country doesn't like Bush! That's not a mandate.

And is anybody else out there paying attention to some of the crud Bush is pulling?

Budget: Cutting money to programs to help the people of the country that need it. Cutting federal grants for police by 90%. Not including any money for the war efforts in Iraq. Cutting money for veteran's health care? All this while talking about making his tax cuts (mostly benefiting the rich) permanent. What happened to fiscal responsibility?

News?: Jeff Gannon (Google News search)?!? Letting this guy who has no press credentials into the White House press room for over a year so that he can copy & paste WH press releases (without attribution... that's called plagiarism) and treat it as news? And blatant paid propaganda being distributed as news?? No Child Left Behind and Office of Drug Control Policy

Grrrr.... Been listening to Air America Radio recently, if you can't tell.

I'm done now. This has been my LJ political rant OTUTP... I try to keep them rare, but sometimes.... GRR!
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