April 1st, 2005

bish, smile

Ahhh... what a wonderful day.

Wonderful freedom. Finally got up the nerve to break up with Becky. Whoo. That went on too long. Wedding? Me? Oy, a couple more months and I would have been a little too deep to get out. Close shave there.

Why'd I do such a thing? Well, first off, she's just too clingy. I hate having someone who looks like her hanging around that much. Secondly, she wasn't too happy about my decision to quit computers and devote my life to vitamins. Seriously, working at GNC has opened my eyes. Multivitamins are the future of the world!

In other matters, there's some neat new stuff over at ThinkGeek today. I'd really like a SkyTag. Would make hitting those fast moving planes with my lasers much simpler. And I'd like to try out SnoozAlert to recommend to my customers. A sleep aid and pep pill in one! What a great idea.

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