April 20th, 2005

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Random Tech Update

I don't update here much with actual "what's going on in my life" type things. That's because by and large, I'm currently just maintaining the status quo. Not that that's a bad thing, really. Don't have an amazing job, but it's alright, gives me time to read and pays the bills. Getting ready for my wedding... Stressful, but I can manage.

So, instead of having anything interesting about myself to post, I'm going to post the newest things that make the geek in me go "shiny!"

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Next up, my new toy. I prefer to splurge just a tad with every tax refund. Makes me feel better about saving the rest. With taxes sent off, I just had to buy a Infoglobe Caller ID Display. My house's major phone is a cordless, so having a little box next to the base saying who called isn't very useful. But having a glowing globe float the number in mid-air is just neat. And readable from across the room. Shiny.

And we'll close on another Mac note: Quicksilver. Very nice launcher program and more. I hit Command-Space from anywhere and have quick access to nearly anything my computer can do. I can launch programs, scripts, do math, look up address info, e-mail or AIM files, and even control iTunes. Has a nice plug-in architecture to allow it to control many many types of programs. Love it to death, I do. Next major beta version will require 10.4 though. Current beta works just fine on 10.3 with very few crashes.
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bish, smile

Software Patents

Software patents... Sounds like a great idea. Allows someone who comes up with a new idea to get credit and money for it, right? Well, in reality it's being used to stifle new ideas and crush smaller businesses through lawsuits or the threat thereof.

Here's a good animation explaining why software patents are not the good thing the large corporations want you to think they are: http://wiki.ffii.org/SwpatAnim050418En

It's mostly aimed at Europeans, where software patents are currently being rammed down the EU's throat. However, it's a good reference to us Yanks who want to understand what's going on.

[Edit: Added more links]

For non-movie links on what this is all about check out Software Papents in Europe: A Short Overview and No Software Patents.com
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