April 22nd, 2005

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Hermes Update

Here's a quick look at my Mac's menubar:

From right to left:

WinSwitch - Much better replacement for Apple's Fast User Switching menu. Apple's solution has your full user name taking up huge amounts of space on the menu bar. It's insane! WinSwitch lets you change that to your short user name, your first name, your initials, your user icon, or a generic users icon. Does some more things I think, but that's why I have it.

Apple's time menu

Apple's Airport status

Apple's Battery meter, currently showing that my laptop is still broken. I really need to change that.

iChat - I tried switching to something like Audium X or AOL's client... but iChat has a wonderful simplicity of interface that I just love. Especially now I have iCar installed.

Apple's volume control. Honestly, I dunno why I have it there. I use the buttons on the keyboard far far far far far.... far more often.

CPU usage
Disk read/write
Memory usage
Network usage (transmit on bottom, receive on top)

Those last four are all from MenuMeters. Installs itself as a set of menu extras and a preference pane to control them. This is every meter it can install. I'll probibly cut it down again eventually, but it's neat for right now.

QuickSilver - Talked about this recently. I could go on for hours about how this program makes using my computer faster... But it'd be boring.

GrowlTunes - Came with Growl, a nice program that displays notifications from various programs. GrowlTunes displays info about the track that just starts playing from iTunes. Kinda nice. Growl's very nice, especially with growlnotify which lets it tell me get growl notifications when command line programs complete. (make; growlnotify Make -m "Compile Complete")
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