July 25th, 2005

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My New Palm

I'm writing this from my new Palm Tungsten E2. No, I don't have a LJ client for it (yet), nor a working web browser (yet). I'm just writing this in "Memos" and am going to to copy/paste into xjournal later.

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However, now I have a whole new category of electronics to try not to buy: Bluetooth. A USB adapter for my computers, a Bluetooth network access point (or maybe just the WiFi SDIO card), and a Bluetooth capable phone (then the headset, of course). Of course, my birthday is less than 2 months away... (hint, hint)

And, finally, recommendations for good (and preferably free) Palm utilities, hacks, games, etc. are welcomed.

As a side note, I can tell how badly I've missed having a Palm. I haven't been home since getting it and I already have 38 calendar, 13 todo, and 4 memo entries.
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