November 25th, 2005

bish, smile

Coughing Turkey Christmas

There were many things on my planned list of things to do over my Thanksgiving vacation, but being sick was not one of them. Flew to my parent's house on Wednesday, had dinner, got sick. Much fun, oh yeah. Since Friday night I've been running a fever between 99.5 and 100.5. Fortunately I've been able to keep everything other than that first dinner down, although I honestly haven't eaten much.

Thanksgiving was good, what I was awake for anyway. Paula made an astounding amount of food, which all looked quite good (even if I only had a couple things). My family, Paula's family, and Joe all were over and helped make and eat food. Good conversation. I think other people came over later, but I was unconscious by that point.

I was supposed to go to Jed's house for Thanksgiving part deux. But I decided that going to someone's house for dinner when I can't eat that much, might get sick, and might get other people sick isn't a good idea. So instead I'm sitting around vaguely dizzy while watching Christmas explode all over my parent's house.

And Christmas came early this year... Present I got a refurbished 12" Powerbook. Only differences is that it can't burn DVDs and has a 60 GB drive instead of a 80 GB ones (horror). And, yes Aaron and Brian, I did order World of Warcraft. It should arrive with the Powerbook in about a week.