December 24th, 2005

bish, smile

The In-laws

Had an interesting couple days. Closed at 11:30 Wednesday and opened at 8:30 Thursday. Ug. Then worked until nearly 5 Friday before having to pack and drive to Binghamton. Wheeeeee....

However, everyone here is welcoming. We had a good time going to a diner late last night with Becky's da and sibs. And going there again this morning. We visited John's shop today. Beck's mom did a great job doing a display in the front window and the shop looks nice. John gave Becky (although technically I paid him $0.05 since Becky refused to take it for free) a very nice pair of amethyst earrings. Next to John's shop was a cute little manga/anime shop. We picked up the box for Ah! My Goddess TV, which is very pretty and has volume one inside. I've never seen the TV series (although I love the OAV and the movie) and I wonder how long it'll take for the rest of the series to come out.

To top it all off, there's a wireless internet connection here, so it's homey. ~_^ Although attempting to sign onto World of Warcraft makes their router crash. ~.~

And that baked ziti smells so very good.